About Fireplace Editions

Fireplaces are not all alike. Now, more than ever, the array of fireplace types and products available is astounding...and confusing. We offer the homeowner and building professional a comprehensive selection of fireplace products with careful attention to performance, aesthetics, price and value ...along with the expertise to help you choose.

We know fireplaces. Our expertise is based on a thorough knowledge of current technology, and familiarity with the wide range of fireplace products available today from the U.S. and around the world. In addition to assisting you with product selection, we provide sound construction and installation advice in the planning phase of your project. Certified in all areas of fireplace, stove, and venting installation by the Hearth Education and Research Foundation (HEARTH), our installation team plans and executes each project with attention to detail, ensuring a correct and safe result.

Visit us to update your existing fireplace or plan a new one, and discover the perfect combination of function and style for your home.

Dann A. Carnes/Rebecca Ward Carnes, Owners